Environmental Management

Kyowa America's commitment:

"Kyowa America Corporation is committed to the continual improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMS) to minimize potential impact to the environment which may result from our operations, related activities and services.

Highly trained employees are an essential component of our quality system. In their training, emphasis is placed on prevention rather than inspection.

One such method is through Kaizen, a program of continual improvement in which all departments participate and report their progress monthly.

Through our EMS, Kyowa resolves to:

  • Prevent pollution and minimize waste;
  • Adhere to relevant environmental laws and regulations;
  • Communicate our policy to all persons working for Kyowa or on its behalf; and,
  • Implement environmental management programs in which our environmental objectives and targets will be set and periodically reviewed by our management to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the EMS."

With our Environmental Programs and an ISO 14001 internal audit system, we can accurately manage our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. Green projects are implemented through Kaizen, a goal-setting program in which all departments participate and report their monthly progress.

Kyowa Green Project Improvements include:


  • Mold Coolant water recycling
  • Solvent Recycling
  • Heat Recovery/Reduction to reduce natural gas consumption
  • Waste-stream analysis/Waste Segregation
  • Paper Recycling (cardboard, plastics, packaging materials)
  • Paperless Office Progression
  • Clean combustion of waste VOC gases for energy usage and reduction of pollution

Energy Usage:

  • Reducing lighting power consumption with an aggressive usage policy
  • Replacing less efficient lights with higher-efficiency fluorescents
  • Tinting office windows to reduce A/C usage

Community Outreach:

  • Creating an "Environmental Culture" with employee education, billboards, etc.
  • Planted trees in local neighborhoods
  • Hosted an Environmental Festival with neighboring businesses

Community Outreach