Decoration Technology

Aesthetically-sensitive products require expert process control, backed with high quality standards. Our belief in quality is apparent in every step of the decorating and assembly process. Our highly trained inspectors will assure that your product always meets your specifications.

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Pad Painting

Using a precision cut cliche, a rubber stamp transfers the perfect amount of paint onto the part for a durable and clean marking on the part.


Kyowa draws on over 40 years of experience in the painting and coating fields. As a forerunner in the painting industry, Kyowa works closely with customers and suppliers to develop new paint and custom-coating applications.

Pad Printing


In Mold Design (IMD)

This technique uses a foil that is pressed onto the part just after molding. The result is a durable printed coating on the surface of the part. See the molding page for more information on this process.


With floating ink, an image is "printed" on the surface of a bath of water. The submerged part is then lifted through the image and transferred to the surface of the part. Wood grain is just one example of our capabilities.

In Mold Design

Digital Printing

Hot Stamping

Another foil transfer method, a roller is used to adhere and smooth the surface and to remove any air bubbles from under the foil.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing technology allows us to print any custom images in full color on a variety of plastic substrates, glass, ceramic, wood, aluminum as large as 5' x 10' and with a resolution up to 1200dpi.

Hot Stamping

Silk Screen Machine


This process creates a metallic finish in lieu of painting.

Silk Screening Machine

Our large-scale silk screening machine can transfer ink directly to large-sized parts. This creates a quick and easy method to create images and deliver ink to a great range of flat parts.


Decorating Proccess

Utilizing the latest in decorating technology, our systems are efficient and produce quality parts to reduce waste.

Fixture Fabrication

Spindle Painting

Using robots and conveyor belts, multiple parts are painted evenly and quickly on a rotating spindle. The result is an even coating on multiple parts with a faster turn around time. This specialized technique is unique to Kyowa, and is what separates us from our competitors in capabilities.


Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting uses negatively charged paint and a grounded part delivered by a robot. The two-component paint is electrically drawn to the part due to the charge difference. Electrostatic painting is one of our many methods for reducing paint usage since there is less wasted overspray.

In-house Fixture Fabrication

Our talented team of fabricators are able to make our fixtures in-house. What this means for your product is that we are able forecast a faster turn around time to build and begin production. With no outside vendors to wait for, we have control over all aspects of the decorating process.

In an effort to minimize waste, we use high accuracy 8-axis jig and fixture bending machines. With accurate fixtures, we can consistently produce tooling fixtures with minimal errors and scrap. Again, this in-house capability translates into faster turn around times for your products.

In-house Tooling

Tooling can be a big expense if every piece of automated machinery is purchased from outside vendors. Each facility has experienced tooling staff that are capable of designing, fabricating and maintaining specialized machinery for decorating purposes.

Here is a large scale pad printer designed to print in two locations on one part, saving the need to place the part twice for printing in two separate processes.